GOP operative Peter Smith raised $100,000 before his death

The death of GOP operative Peter W. Smith just got a lot more interesting.

New reports have revealed that Smith, who was found dead in his hotel room in May 2017 from an apparent suicide, raised more than $100,000 from private donors to help fund a private scholarship fund for Russian students, though various media outlets have said the scholarship may or may not actually exist.

Suspicious Death

When Smith was found dead, many suspected something was amiss.

According to local reports, Smith was found in his hotel room from an apparent suicide.

Local authorities found a note, stating, “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER.”

But the odd thing about the note is that Smith was deeply rooted in exposing Hillary Clinton for her email scandal.

It was as if the note was left by someone else to dispel any belief that Smith did not take his own life.

People today are still asking why a man so bent on exposing Clinton would suddenly take his own life.a

Spy Fund and Wikileaks

Smith’s name has recently been back in the papers for other reasons too.

While trying to recruit financing for his scheme, Smith allegedly stated he had ties to several high-ranking Trump advisers.

Mueller’s team found that tidbit interesting enough to include Smith in its investigation for collusion with Russia by Trump and his team.

In addition to the $100,000 mentioned above, Smith allegedly put up another $50,000 tagged for the “Clinton Email Reconnaissance Initiative.”

Where that additional money came from is unclear.

Several cryptic emails have led several investigative journalists to believe Smith actually paid for the hacked emails that were released to WikiLeaks.

But the entire situation got much more complicated after Maria Butina was arrested for being a Russian spy earlier this year.

Butina was supposed to have been in the country as a student, and some believe she was linked to Smith’s scholarship fund.

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However, Butina was allegedly trying to infiltrate the NRA and Republican political groups.

Just how deep this goes will likely be exposed in the near future, as the FBI is currently investigating Smith’s ties to Butina, WikiLeaks, and the Trump presidential campaign.

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