Shepard Smith gets emotional while reporting on ICE raids in Mississippi

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents led a series of coordinated raids on several chicken processing plants in Mississippi last week, detaining upwards of 680 illegal aliens who were working in those facilities without proper employment authorization to do so.

That news was apparently too much to bear for Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who became visibly emotional as he shared — wrongly, as it turned out — some of the fresh details of the breaking news situation in his beloved home state of Mississippi.

Smith loses it

“The Associated Press is now reporting immigration agents arrested 680 people at a food processing plant — does anybody know the name of the town?” Smith said.

“Morton. Morton is the home of one of the largest chicken-producing, or chicken farms in all of the country. The chicken production houses there are the lifeblood of the economy in tiny Morton, Mississippi, and for years and decades immigrants have worked in those facilities,” he continued.

“If you were looking for a target to go to try and round up a bunch of people who were hard at work in a chicken processing plant, personally I can think of no better target than the chicken processing plant in Morton, Mississippi,” Smith said.

“A little boy waving goodbye”

“So away they went, and just arrested hundreds and hundreds of people,” Smith said. “Largest raid in about a decade.”

“As I mentioned, one plant in the small community of Morton. Witnesses say about 70 friends and family cried and waved goodbye. Among them a 13-year-old child, standing with his father watching his mother put on a bus,” he continued.

“Morton, Mississippi. 600 people, rounded up, and families separated, with a little boy waving goodbye,” Smith added, with a self-righteous air.

Melodrama vs. facts

There’s just one thing, though — not all of the arrests occurred at just that one plant in Morton, Mississippi, as was implied by Smith, but rather, the sweeps occurred at seven different plants across the state, with a combined total of 680 illegal aliens detained as a result of those coordinated operations.

Something else Smith failed to mention — though to be fair, it was unknown at the time — was that nearly half of those detained were subsequently released from custody and allowed to remain in the country for humanitarian reasons, including those responsible for young dependent children…such as the mother of the 13-year-old boy over whom Smith expressed such concern.

Finally, does it even have to be pointed out that these unauthorized workers were in the country and employed illegally and had exactly zero right or legal justification to be here, much less to fill a job that could be offered to legal immigrant or American citizen?

Once again, Smith has shown that he doesn’t belong on Fox News any longer and would be a better fit over at CNN or MSNBC, where his constant anti-Trump rants and unbearable smugness against the American people would be par for the course.

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