Fox News’ Shep Smith goes after Trump for welcoming foreign ‘interference’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith never misses the opportunity to interject some biased commentary while carrying out his duties at the anchor desk.

This week was no different, as Smith decided he’d had enough and slammed President Trump’s decision to potentially accept information from a foreign government against his political opponents.

Anchor or Opinion Host?

The dig against Smith is not his opinions.

The beef here is that Smith is touted as a news anchor, yet he regularly uses his platform to spout liberal opinions under the guise of newscasting.

That is the breaking of the number one cardinal rule in broadcasting.

But What About Hillary?

Smith blasted Trump, saying, “It is interference. And a candidate accepting anything of value from a foreign entity is a crime.”

Correct us if we are wrong Mr. Smith, but is that not exactly what the DNC and Hillary Clinton did in 2016?

Christopher Steele was a former British Agent. He was also the architect behind the now infamous Steele Dossier. Hillary not only accepted the information, but she also paid for it, as did the DNC.

How can anyone possibly be enraged over Trump’s comments without being upset with what Hillary did in the 2016 presidential election?

If you want to criticize Trump for what he said, that is fine, but if you are going to do so you also have to call out Hillary Clinton as well. Remember, Trump only said he would listen whereas Hillary actually paid for it.

Fox News has to draw a line when it comes to Smith, but the network seems to be afraid of him. If he continues to alienate his viewer base, he may well destroy his own career.

They would be well within their rights to discipline him for turning his anchor desk into a daily opinion show.

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