Fox’s Shepard Smith delivers emotional monologue in apparent call for gun control

In the wake of the recent tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, plenty of media figures echoed the calls of Democrats — and even some Republicans — to “do something” to address the recurring problem of mass shooting events in the United States.

One of the more forceful in that regard was Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who launched an outraged (if a bit cynical) monologue in the days after those shootings that characterized the tragedies as a “uniquely American” problem that begs a solution. (And knowing Smith, that “solution” probably comes in the form of unconstitutional regulations on firearms.)

A “uniquely American” problem

The Washington Examiner reported that Smith opened up his program on the Monday after those horrific shooting events with an impassioned and emotion-based monologue on mass shootings.

“Yet again in America innocent families are slumped to their knees in grief, living the agonizing and unimaginable wait to retrieve the bullet-riddled bodies of their children and parents slaughtered in senseless gun violence,” Smith began. “Yet again in America, we search our souls for answers, beg our leaders for solutions, that thus far have not come.”

Smith went on to note that the 251st mass shooting of 2019 had occurred just 13 hours after the 250th. “Yet again in America, and uniquely American. This happens with regularity, in large numbers, as a pattern, just here. Nowhere else,” he said.

Smith admitted that mass shootings make up only a small percentage of overall gun violence in this country, “but attacks like these are all the more traumatizing,” he said, “perhaps because after the fact we can all put ourselves there.”

Take a look:

“Yet again in America”

Smith added that “now we know what it looks like and sounds like when the regular stops along our journeys in an instant deliver a turning point in our lives. Or end them, yet again in America.”

But while Smith laments the “fear of gun violence, at work, at a stadium, a movie theater, a house of worship, a Walmart, a bar,” he conveniently left out the fact that all of the bad guys with guns were stopped by good guys with guns. (Every. Single. Time.)

“Now, gun laws, regulations, background checks, soft targets, body armor, death penalty, mental health, time for action, I promise, thoughts and prayers — we hear you,” Smith said. “We heard you last time and the time before that, and we will likely do it all soon, yet again in America.”

To be fair, Smith is right: it’s time for a change. But what liberals like him can’t seem to understand is that gun control is not the answer.

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