Fox News’ Shep Smith cuts away from McConnell’s Senate speech to slam him on ‘Russian interference’

Fox News’ Shep Smith has never passed as an unbiased news anchor, even though that is how Fox News touts him.

Once again, Smith is continued to condemn himself in the eyes of Fox viewers by cutting off Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) during his floor speech to criticize him for not passing election security legislation presented by Democrats.

Blatant Bias

McConnell was on the Senate floor responding to the “baseless smears” from the media that he was working for the Russians.

The narrative got started by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who kept calling him Moscow Mitch. That was picked up by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who then dedicated a column to her view that Mitch was a “Russian asset.”

As McConnell was speaking to defend himself against these allegations, Shep Smith cut off the feed and went on a rant.

Smith stated, “The Russians are using cyber influence to divide us amongst ourselves. They attacked our election, it is the consensus of the intelligence community that they are attacking our election now. There has not been one stand-alone bill in his chamber, the chamber which he leads, to try to stop it.”

To understand how biased this is, you also need to understand Smith is supposed to be a news anchor, not an opinion show host.

Can you imagine Bret Baier doing something like this to a Democrat that was speaking and the outrage that would surely follow?

The Reason

Another reason this is so bothersome is that Smith did not give the public a chance to hear McConnell explain why he did not support the legislation.

The Dems put a bill forward that is being sold as a one-fix-all piece of legislation, but that will not work. The measures in the bill are simply not doable for some states and McConnell knows this.

Additionally, McConnell believes elections should be controlled at the state level. Last year, the federal government ponied up $380 million to for state election committees to secure their election processes.

This is about less government, not more, and quite honestly, individual states should be able to secure their own elections.

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