Sarah Sanders slams Pelosi’s ‘outrageous’ allegations that the White House leaked her travel plans

In a move that many saw as retaliation for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s choice to postpone the president’s upcoming State of the Union address, Trump canceled Pelosi and other Dems’ planned flight to the Middle East earlier last week just minutes before it was set to take off — and the House speaker wasn’t happy about it. After Trump explained his choice to ground the flight in a letter that outlined the Dems’ planned destinations and was leaked to the press, Pelosi called out the White House for allowing the leak and putting government leaders in alleged danger.

But Press Secretary Sarah Sanders wasn’t having it. In an episode of Fox’s Watters World with host Jesse Watters on Saturday, Sanders called Pelosi’s allegations “outrageous” and labeled them patently false.

An “outrageous” allegation of leaks

Watters began his weekend conversation with the White House press secretary by highlighting how “pumped up” Trump’s base of supporters has been about the president’s choice to ground the plane.

“The base extremely pumped up about Trump’s move with the plane. That’s definitely gotten everybody excited. We now realize how intense this is,” Watters said. “But now Nancy’s team is saying her safety was jeopardized because the White House leaked her travel plans. Do you care to respond to that?”

Sanders didn’t hold back.

“That’s outrageous. Nobody in this building is going to do anything to put the safety and security of any American — particularly those in service, like Speaker Pelosi — in any type of danger,” she said. “The idea that we leaked her commercial travel is absolutely absurd and frankly it just dishonest.”

Not a “power move” by the Speaker

Sanders then shifted her attention to the predominately liberal media, who praised Pelosi’s cancellation of the State of the Union address — ostensibly over “security” concerns amid the ongoing government shutdown — as a “power move” while panning Trump’s cancelation of the military flight overseas as “petty.”

“There is nothing powerful about the Speaker of the House questioning the ability of the United States Secret Service, who have said they have no problem protecting the president,” Sanders said. “Let’s be real clear: The Secret Service protected the president when he was in Iraq… I’m pretty sure they can handle the job on Capitol Hill.”

Sanders went on to call Pelosi’s actions in questioning the Secret Service “shameful and unbecoming of the Speaker.”

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She then assured listeners that Trump will be “communicating directly with the American people — whether that is through the State of the Union, whether it’s through a rally, whether it’s through taking questions from the press, whether it’s through speeches across the country, whether it’s through Twitter and other means of social media.”

Indeed, regardless of what alleged “power moves” Nancy Pelosi wants to make, she can’t silence President Trump on his mission to make America great again.

Sarah Sanders has made that perfectly clear.

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