Skeletal remains found on Texas ranch near border checkpoint

A startling discovery was made in Brooks County, Texas that proves how dangerous the Democrat narrative on immigration — pushed especially hard by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — has truly become.

Local sheriffs discovered skeletal remains that likely belong to an immigrant on a private ranch near the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint, Breitbart reported Tuesday.

Promoting the dangerous journey

By promoting a narrative that would effectively sanction what is now illegal immigration, Democrats are actually encouraging more and more people to make the dangerous and often deadly trek to America.

It is obvious that immigrants are listening, because everyone saw the flood of migrants at the borders over the summer.

What the media will never show you, though, are the stories like this where people who were trying to make that journey never arrive at their final destination.

Had these people followed the law and not been drawn by the false narrative that Democrats are pushing, they might still be alive today.

Startling discovery

The macabre discovery was actually made by local ranch hands. When they saw the skull, they called local authorities and the Brooks County Sheriffs Department arrived at the scene.

When Deputy Luis Reyes arrived, he saw a partial human skull that had obviously been there for quite some time.

There was nothing in the nearby vicinity to help identify the individual, so, for now, this is merely another John Doe added to the books, although the Webb County Medical Examiner’s office will attempt to make a positive identification.

According to Breitbart, Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez said that “his deputies frequently must recover the remains of migrants abandoned on the ranches by their human smugglers.”

In all, it is estimated that more than 325 migrants have died trying to enter this country illegally so far this year.

An estimated 200 migrants have died this year in Texas, and 42 of those deaths have happened in Brooks county alone.  That blood lies squarely on Democrats’ hands for encouraging immigrants to enter this country illegally.

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