Sixth Circuit court reverses lower court ruling putting a stay on President Biden’s ‘sanctuary country’ ordinances

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued a decision on Tuesday that will allow President Biden’s “sanctuary country” ordinances to be implemented.

The decision by the Sixth Circuit court reversed a “nationwide preliminary injunction,” established by a lower district court that halted Biden’s orders that prevented illegal aliens from being deported unless they were a “current threat to public safety.”

President Biden has been attempting to implement his “sanctuary country” policies for months but he has faced significant legal pushback. While this decision by the Sixth Circuit court may be a victory for him, it will likely be short-lived.

Big legal battle ahead

Sixth Circuit’s Chief Judge Jeffrey Stuart Sutton wrote in his decision, “Even the premise that the Guidance has coincided with a fall in immigration enforcement overall does not lead to the conclusion that the Guidance is the culprit, let alone the challenged portion of the Guidance.”

The nature of the Sixth Circuit court’s decision virtually guarantees further legal challenges from Republican states.

Judge Sutton continued by saying, “Even if the injunction remained in place—in other words, if the Guidance were removed—that would not necessarily result in the Department arresting more people, detaining more people, or removing more people.”

In none of Judge Sutton’s written opinion did he address the fundamental issue behind President Biden’s sanctuary country orders.

The real issue affecting Americans is that potentially dangerous individuals who should not be in the United States are not being removed unless immigration authorities can somehow show they are a “current threat to public safety.”

Of course, this means that immigration authorities cannot preemptively act to remove dangerous individuals and that has had a deadly cost for Americans.

Crime and murder

Illegal alien Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez was one such individual who was able to remain in the United States thanks to Oregon’s sanctuary policies.

He was found guilty of murdering three individuals in 2016 and his story is one of many. Whats worse is Oseguera-Gonzalez was deported six different times and should never have stepped foot in the United States.

The decision by the Sixth Circuit court to allow deadly sanctuary policies to remain in place is grossly irresponsible and will get more Americans killed.

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