Emma Louis-Dreyfus, half-sister of TV star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, dies after accidental overdose

The sister of a well-known celebrity died in August — but we’re just now learning the details.

Emma Louis-Dreyfus, the half-sister of TV star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, died on Aug. 13, reportedly from seizures related to a suspected overdose on a mixture of alcohol and cocaine.

Local media outlet The Union reported that Louis-Dreyfus died at a campsite near the Purdon Crossing on the Yuba River in Nevada County, CA. She was 44.

Accidental overdose

First responders were called to the scene of the campsite after Louis-Dreyfus became unresponsive following the onset of seizures. Rescuers attempted to perform life-saving measures, but to no avail.

Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Sullivan ruled that the death was “accidental” and most likely brought on by a combination of “elevated amounts” of cocaine and ethanol in her system, a conclusion he reached after he received the results of a toxicology test last week.

Since the death was ruled accidental, it is unlikely that anyone will face any sort of criminal charge related to Louis-Dreyfus’ death.

Progressive social worker

An obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle indicated that Louis-Dreyfus had been born in New York City in 1974, attended prestigious private schools as a child, and graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

She later earned a Master’s degree in social welfare from the University of California-Berkeley, and had built up a career as a clinical social worker and family therapist, most recently serving in California’s San Mateo County area.

Though she lived in the big city, Louis-Dreyfus reportedly also loved to spend time outdoors, and often camped and hiked in the Sierra Nevada and Teton mountains. She also traveled extensively around the world, both for pleasure and for her social work.

Louis-Dreyfus was described as a “brilliant, progressive thinker and supporter of social justice,” who loved children as much as she loved animals, particularly her own dogs.

Estate left to mother

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Emma was the half-sister of former Seinfeld and current Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The half-sisters shared a father, billionaire William Louis-Dreyfus, who passed away in 2016.

William Louis-Dreyfus was the head of a commodities-trading firm that was reportedly worth around $3.4 billion when he died. Some outlets reported that his daughters received hundreds of millions as an inheritance following his death.

The late Emma Louis-Dreyfus is not believed to have left behind a will of any sort, and a probate court ruled on Oct. 3 that her mother, Phyllis Louis-Dreyfus, would be granted authority over an estate estimated to be worth around $23 million.

Most recently, Louis-Dreyfus had invested upwards of $4.5 million in a California business venture to legally cultivate marijuana.

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There has been no indication that the Louis-Dreyfus sisters were particularly close to each other. Just days after the death had occurred, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was reportedly in good spirits as she helped promote the new season of her comedy series Veep.

The TV star has yet to issue any public comment on her half-sister’s death.

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