Singer Chris Brown arrested in Florida

Chris Brown’s past has finally caught up with him.

On Thursday night, Brown was arrested as a result of an altercation he had with a fan last year.

The Punch

According to reports, Brown lost his cool when a fan took Brown’s picture without his consent.

Brown was in a nightclub in Tampa Bay at the time.

After the picture was taken, Brown allegedly punched the man in the face.

Brown’s Run-ins

Problems with the police are nothing new to Brown.

He made national headlines back in 2009 over a domestic abuse charge.

At the time, he was dating Rihanna.

After the assault, he was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats.

The “argument” started over an affair Brown had with a former employee.

Brown, during a documentary, admitted he had hit Rihanna and “she didn’t trust me after that.”

When the pictures of Rihanna after the beating made their way around social media, Brown took a major hit in popularity.

In 2013, Brown once again found himself in trouble with the police.

This time, the incident happened in Washington D.C., outside of a hotel.

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While initially being charged with felony assault, the charges were later reduced to a misdemeanor.

For the latest incident, Brown was held on $2,000 bail, which he reportedly immediately posted and was released.

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