Report: Sinclair Broadcasting trying to steal Hannity away from Fox News Channel

Sean Hannity has been taking fire from liberals for months over his support of Donald Trump, but that support may now pay off big league.

New reports have revealed Sinclair Broadcasting is courting Sean Hannity.

Sinclair Broadcasting

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group was founded in 1971.

The group looked to take advantage of new FB and UHF programming.

In 1980, the company unified its independent operations, which consisted of three independently owned stations.

The next two decades were significant for Sinclair, as it grew from those three stations in the 1980s to almost 60 by the turn of the century.

By 2000, the company re-positioned itself to be able to take advantage of all of the technology advancements.

Syndicated television would become a cash cow for the broadcasting group.

In fact, Sinclair was the first company to charge other networks for the right to carry their programming on stations funding by the broadcaster.

As Fox grew, so did Sinclair, as it was the largest affiliate for the rapidly expanding network.

Being way ahead of the curve, Sinclair was positioned perfectly when the analog signal was officially turned off in 2009.

Now, it would appear Sinclair wants to broaden its own original programming reach.

Hannity Not Alone

The move to recruit Hannity is not a singular move.

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According to reports, Sinclair is also talking to several members of his production crew.

In addition, other major personalities have been reportedly reached out to, such as Judge Janine and Greta Van Susteren.

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