'Significant overreach' by Biden leads to huge financial payment

 May 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A legal team has been awarded $350,000 in fees – to be paid by the government – after it went to court to fight the Biden administration's discrimination based on race.

It was Joe Biden's "Minority Business Development Agency" plan that was caught, by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, in the discrimination plan.

WILL reported it won the fight when a court ruled that Biden's MBDA "unconstitutionally discriminated against small business owners based on race."

Then it took a victory lap when the judge awarded WILL $350,000 in legal fees for its fight – and the bill will be handed to the federal government.

The legal team explained, "WILL’s clients receive free legal representation thanks to the generosity of our donors. WILL does not accept government grants or other kinds of public contributions that could influence the litigation we choose to pursue or the outcomes of our research."

It continued, "Obtaining a fee award in a case such as this is exceedingly rare because of strict limitations in federal law. WILL’s win highlights the Biden administration’s significant overreach and the strength of the case brought by WILL attorneys."

Rick Esenberg, the president of WILL, said, "WILL’s legal work doesn’t come free, and our dedicated lawyers earn less than they could elsewhere because of their passion for the mission. While we are mostly donor-funded, this award properly compensates us for the work we do, and lets the government know that it ought not discriminate based on race."

The case found a judge ruling that the Biden administration now is prohibited from using the MBDA to discriminate against businesses based on race. In the court’s words, MBDA "can still operate its Business Centers, it must simply do so without vetting applicants based on race."

It was U.S. District Judge, Mark T. Pittman who later noted WILL's expertise.

"Here, the skills and well-earned reputation of the Plaintiffs’ lawyers speak for themselves. Indeed, Plaintiffs’ lawyers have crafted a practice specializing in civil rights cases just like this," he said.

"Winning these legal fees will help us do even more work to uphold the Constitution and upend racist DEI programs across the country," said Dan Lennington, also of WILL. "While we hope that this judgment serves as a deterrent against unconstitutional race discrimination, we are not taking our foot off the gas. In fact, we are just getting started."

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