Shortage of much-needed masks traced back to Obama administration

The media has maintained a relentless attack against President Trump over what is being characterized as a lack of preparedness for the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Well, as it turns out, reports from both Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times show that one of the most critical shortages can be traced back to the Obama administration. 

Disregarding recommendations

In 2005, the Bush administration put a plan in place for the federal government to be able to fight against a massive pandemic.

Part of that plan was a comprehensive stockpile of equipment and supplies, such as the N95 respirator mask, a critical protection measure for healthcare workers in the fight against highly communicable diseases.

During the 2009 H1N1 crisis, the supply of more than 100 million masks was distributed nationwide, leaving only about 12 million masks left in the national stockpile.

After the H1N1 epidemic was over, the federal government paid for a task force to offer recommendations to ensure we were better prepared for the next pandemic.

One of those recommendations was to ensure our national stockpiles were restocked, but then-President Barack Obama did not follow through on replenishing the depleted supplies.

Biden is part of the problem

Right now, hospitals are running out of masks, putting health care professionals at risk. Manufacturing giant 3M has ramped up its production abilities and other companies have stepped up to help produce more, but we can’t help but think how much good 100 million masks would do right now.

Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden continues to offer alternative responses to the coronavirus, often telling tales rather than facts.

Biden was recently fact-checked by The Washington Post on Trump silencing health officials, a claim that was rated “Four Pinocchios” by the publication.

The media should be hammering Joe Biden on the Obama administration’s failings and demanding accountability, but he, for the most part, remains sheltered and never seems to be called out by most outlets.

Even if media allows him to get away with the lies he is telling today, the media simply must hold him accountable for the Obama administration’s decision that is a primary contributor to the spread of this virus today.

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