Shooting near Nipsey Hussle funeral route results in one death, four injuries

On April 1, rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down near his Los Angeles clothing store.

That violence continued on the day of his funeral, with one death and four more injuries along the Nipsy Hussle funeral procession route.

Too Loyal

Hussle’s murder stunned the music community. By all accounts, Hussle worked diligently in his old neighborhood against gun and gang violence. That loyalty, according to music executive Suge Night, is what cost him his life.

Night stated, “A lot of artists like Nipsey have the same problem that I had.”

“We are too loyal to our neighborhood,” he added.

Night believes these artists feel as though they cannot leave their roots behind or they lose their edge, at least in their own minds.

Hussle took it a step further, opening up a business in his old “hood” to contribute to the local economy.

LA Violence

In the days leading up to the murder, police reported a noticeable uptick in violence on the streets of Los Angeles. That violence continued on the day that Hussle was buried.

During the funeral procession, the streets of LA were packed with fans for miles, literally thousands of fans lining the sidewalks.

Police had laid out a 25-mile route for the funeral procession.

Just before 6:30 PM and only a couple of blocks away from the procession, gunfire erupted.

The shooting reportedly happened only moments after the funeral procession passed through that particular section.

While the police were not 100 percent sure the violence was associated with the funeral, it is a reasonable assumption that with a crowd that large, tempers may have flared after fans left the area en masse.

According to police, the victims were three black males and one black female.

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