Shooting at Iowa nightclub leaves 2 dead, at least 10 injured

The Daily Mail reports that a shooting at an Iowa nightclub over the weekend left two people dead and many more injured. 

Additionally, another shooting in the area appeared to target an off-duty police officer.

The nightclub shooting

According to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, this shooting took place at the Taboo Nightclub and Lounge, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It occurred during the early hours of Sunday morning, around 1:30 a.m.

It is not known how many shooters were involved. Outlets report that there were up to 150 people inside the club when the shooting occurred. As soon as the shots were fired, people began to rush out of the club.

The CRPD says that it was “able to respond immediately” because there were officers “on routine downtown patrol when the shooting occurred.”

As a result of the shooting, the department says that “two individuals are confirmed dead and approximately ten more are injured and receiving medical attention at multiple local hospitals.” Not many details are being reported about the two deceased individuals other than that one was a man and one was a woman.

Police believe that this may have been a targeted attack, but the investigation is still ongoing. It is unclear whether the police have identified a suspect, or suspects. The department is asking the community for help in its investigation.

The previous night

It was roughly one day before this nightclub shooting, that an off-duty police officer appeared to be targeted in another shooting.

This shooting occurred in the Chery Hill neighborhood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Officers were called there on Friday night at about 11:30 p.m.

KWWL7 reports: “When officers arrived on the scene, they found evidence of a targeted shooting towards an off-duty Cedar Rapids Police officer. They found multiple shots were fired at and struck the officer’s home, garage, and take-home squad car.”

No one was injured in the shooting. Cedar Rapids Chief of Police Wayne Jerman put out a statement calling this “a targeted shooting toward a sworn peace officer.”

The department doesn’t appear to have identified a suspect. Again, it is asking the community for some assistance in its investigation.

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