Viral video shows Hillary Clinton’s health is not improving

Occasionally new information is released that completely changes the direction of a politicians career. This just happened to Hillary Clinton – in the way of a new video showing something happening to her that you know she’d prefer be kept a ‘secret.’

A new video was just released of her having a health attack – full with entire fits of deathly-sounding coughing fits – while engaging in a live interview.

That’s the thing about live TV. The truth sometimes gets out.


Background Info on Hillary’s Health

Hillary Clinton’s health has been the focus of countless amounts of speculation from members of the media. Her constant cough, never-ending need to take breaks, and her bizarre “mystery” fainting spells show that something is terribly, terribly wrong with her body and mind.

Of course, her campaign denies it all. Just as you’d expect if something was wrong.

We know the truth. We just don’t know the specifics of whatever illness or medical disease she is hiding from us. But we can see the symptoms.

Meanwhile – and don’t expect CNN to ever admit it – Trump is literally the healthiest president we’ve ever had, as confirmed by the White House doctor. The media can spin all they want, but they can’t hide the truth.

An Important Question About Hillary Clinton

Do you think she’s still lying? We know she’s lied in the past – she was repeatedly exposed.

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The Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Trump was the right choice between the two. Anyone who isn’t biased can see he is running the best administration in White House history.

The terrorists have been defeated, the economy has been repaired, and Trump’s enemies are beside themselves because all of their predictions were wrong.

Hillary is sick. She lied about it but the symptoms were there. Maybe that’s why she ran such a horrible campaign. Either way, America won in the end.

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