Shock poll has Trump trouncing Biden by nearly 10 points

September 26, 2023
Matthew Boose

If the 2024 election were held today, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden by a sound 10-point margin, a shocking new poll found.

51% of voters would choose Trump, while just 42% would select Biden, the ABC News/Washington Post poll found.

The poll reflects broad discontent with Biden's America - and an emerging sense that voters are beginning to miss the relative prosperity of the Trump years.

Trump TROUNCES Biden

44% of Americans say they are worse off financially under Biden's presidency, the highest figure of any president in ABC/Post polling since 1986.

Trump's approval rating has also improved retrospectively: 48% say they approve of the job he did as president, a 10-point increase since Trump left office.

Biden is 19 points underwater, with 37% approving of his job performance overall. That number drops to 30% on the economy and a dismal 23% on immigration.

74% say he's too old for another term, a six-point increase since May.

Biden vulnerable....

The data tracks with a growing consensus that Trump has been mistakenly dismissed as "unelectable" by detractors across the political spectrum.

Biden faces a number of emerging threats to re-election: he is widely perceived as too old for his job, voters are feeling the pinch of soaring costs, and the southern border crisis is raging with a vengeance in major cities like New York, drawing attention to a crisis Biden has long sought to bury.

Of course, immigration is Trump's signature issue - and many Americans recall that the economy was a lot better under Trump just a few short years ago.

Even if the poll is an outlier, Trump is still edging out Biden in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls - and that comes despite Trump being indicted four times by prosecutors aligned with the Democratic party.

Trump has cited his strong polling as the motive behind the four indictments, alleging that Democrats are desperate to stop a Trump victory in 2024.

A recent poll found that Biden would defeat Trump by six points if the latter is convicted of a crime - but otherwise, the candidates are tied.

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