Shipwreck off Libyan coast claims dozens of lives

A tragedy struck the nation of Libya when a shipwreck led to the deaths of dozens of migrant passengers. This shocking disaster stands as another reason why Europe must close its borders and stop the illegal crossings. 

Until that happens, people will die.

Weak Policy

European nations have created this crisis by incentivizing smugglers to bring people across the Mediterranean. Now over 150 people have died, along with the many who came before.

France 24 reports that “Rescue workers said Friday they had plucked the bodies of 62 migrants from waters off the Libyan coast, a day after one of the deadliest shipwrecks in the Mediterranean so far this year.”

“Libya’s coast guard recovered the bodies of scores of migrants who perished at sea as search operations continued Friday, a day after up to 150 people, including women and children, went missing after their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea.”

These people are attempting to cross to Europe. If they can make it across they know they won’t be sent back.

Follow Italy’s Example

Italy is on the front lines of the refugee crisis. They know that if migrants know they can stay, they will risk the dangerous trip across the sea.

To combat this mindset, Italy’s government has opted to take extreme measures to ensure the security of its people.

The Independent reports:

“Italy’s populist government refused to relent on its policy turning away refugee rescue ships, as it boycotted a meeting of European ministers to tackle the Mediterranean migrant crisis.”

Accepting these people without question has fueled a criminal human trafficking network.

CNN reports:

“With dreams of finding better opportunities, migrants are often exploited for vast sums by traffickers and packed onto almost unseaworthy vessels for the dangerous crossing.”

It is time to shut the borders down and disincentivize these illegal and dangerous crossings. Until that happens people will die. This tragedy will just be one of many without drastic policy changes.

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