Rep. Sherman says if Sarah Sanders cared about intelligence, she wouldn’t work for Trump

Democrats are doing everything in their power to get their hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

After White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders questioned whether or not members of Congress were “smart enough” to understand them even if they did obtain them, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) fired back, saying, “I’m surprised to see Sarah Sanders talking about intelligence. If she thought that was an important characteristic, she probably would have chosen another employer.”

Questioning Congress

While Sherman, a certified public accountant, clearly took Sanders’ accusation personally, it was not made without reason.

One of the individuals that would be tasked with going through Trump’s taxes if they were turned over would be Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Currently, Waters serves as the Chair to the House Financial Services Committee. During one of her most recent hearings, she was grilling bank CEOs over student loan problems.

One of the CEOs actually had to remind Waters the government took over managing student loans almost a decade ago. Waters was on the committee at the time, casting a vote in favor of the government takeover.

If that is an example of who will be looking at Trump’s taxes, how can anyone argue with Sanders?

Another Witch Hunt

Democrats are disappointed the Mueller report came up empty. Now they are hoping to find something in Trump’s tax returns to allow them to launch another investigation.

Trump fought this tooth and nail during the campaign season, so expect continued resistance.

There is no law in place that a person has to reveal their tax return in order to run for president. While it has been a tradition in recent decades, it is absolutely not required.

In all honesty, most Americans don’t even care what is in his tax returns. They actually don’t care what is in anyone’s tax returns.

Both Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke were criticized for their lack of charitable donations in their tax returns, and the storyline lasted all of about five minutes.

Democrats just need to get over the fact Trump is president now, and in all likelihood, will be until 2024.

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