LA sheriff decries skyrocketing crime rates: ‘Very, very troublesome’

Throughout much of 2020 and into the new year, the progressive “defund the police” movement sweeping cities like Los Angeles has resulted in dire consequences, not the least of which has been a massive spike in violent crime.

Now, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has seen enough of the “insanity” wrought by the leftists on the county’s Board of Supervisors. According to Breitbart, the sheriff called the local Democrat leaders out on Wednesday over a surge in violent crime that he says is due to funding for his department being cut.

The sheriff cited three “existential threats” to residents in Los Angeles County, particularly those in Black and Latino communities. Among them: the rising crime rates, increased homelessness, and illicit marijuana operations, all of which he said needed to be dealt with urgently.

Villanueva also said in an Instagram Live post on Wednesday that his department would look to increase the number of concealed carry permits issued to law-abiding residents to help them protect themselves in the absence of law enforcement.

“All huge numbers”

Speaking directly with constituents, the sheriff revealed that violent crime had risen 36% overall in Los Angeles County in 2020 over the year prior.

Statistics published so far this year show the troubling trend has continued, Villanueva said.

That reportedly includes an astonishing 95% spike in homicides in the county, as well as a 40% surge in auto thefts, a 22% rise in arsons, a nearly 13% jump in aggravated assault, and an almost 8% increase in rapes and sexual assaults.

“All huge numbers,” the sheriff said, “all very, very troublesome.”


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Sheriffs hands tied

According to Breitbart, the sheriff went on to link the vastly increased crime rates to the fact that the Democrat-controlled Board of Supervisors had defunded his department by $145 million in 2020, ultimately resulting in 1,310 positions being cut, he said.

The board is reportedly preparing to cut another $143 million from police funding in the next budget — meaning “less cops, more crooks, less consequences,” the sheriff surmised. And while he says he won’t allow concealed carry permits to go to just “anyone who can fog a mirror,” Villanueva did promise that those who can show “good cause” for the gun license can expect to be granted one going forward.

With the sheriff’s hands tied by local Democrat officials, it’s the least he can do to ensure residents of Los Angeles County feel safe in their own communities.

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