Arizona sheriff presses Fauci on risk of releasing illegal immigrants without testing for COVID-19

An Arizona sheriff recently pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci to weigh in on the risk posed by illegal immigrants being released into the United States without being tested for COVID-19.

According to the Washington Examiner, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels (R) stated that President Joe Biden’s immigration policy “goes against the grain of the CDC. I would love to hear Dr. Fauci,” he said.

Dannels added that people entering the U.S. are “being released without being tested into communities.”

“Nobody is talking about what’s going on on the southwest border when it comes to the health pandemic in this country,” Dannels said, according to Breitbart. “They are not testing them. They’re being released without being tested into communities. And then, you look at the public safety aspect of this. It’s upsetting. It’s almost like we’re not part of this country, which is very upsetting.”

Over 100 confirmed cases

Since January, more than 100 migrants have tested positive for the virus at a bus station in Brownsville, Texas, but some were inexplicably allowed to travel further into the country, according to the Washington Examiner.

One family of immigrants told the Examiner that they were headed to North Carolina, even though they tested positive for COVID-19. They thought it was fine to travel on because they were wearing masks and sanitizing their hands.

The number of illegal immigrants testing positive for the virus accounted for more than 6% of all immigrants that came through the bus station, according to the Examiner. With at least 20,000 illegal immigrants per week passing across the border from Mexico in February alone, that could amount to roughly 5,000 illegal immigrants with COVID-19 entering the United States in just four weeks.

Unfortunately, those figures haven’t prevented Biden from reversing most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies — in fact, the new commander-in-chief appears to be opening the border as widely as he possibly can.

Questions remain

The Greyhound Bus company also demanded a plan from the Biden administration last week with regard to how they’ll prevent COVID-positive immigrants from utilizing their buses, the Examiner noted.

The administration recently went against the CDC’s guidelines and lifted restrictions on migrant facilities for minors, allowing them to fill the facilities to full capacity rather than the 50% previously recommended by the government agency.

With this and other moves, it has become clear that Biden is only paying lip service to the established COVID-19 restrictions when it suits him politically to do so. When it isn’t politically beneficial, however, the president seems perfectly fine with dropping those guidelines like a piping hot potato.

Let’s face it: If coronavirus-positive illegal immigrants rushing the border led to a “superspreader” event, it would only serve to empower Biden to keep everything locked down even longer. Only time will tell how it all ends up, but the smart money would be on the bet that it’ll result in yet another public health disaster.

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