Former Texas border sheriff accused Biden admin of being ‘party to’ human trafficking and sexual abuse of migrants

A former Texas border sheriff turned congressional candidate, former Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback, is speaking out loudly against President Joe Biden’s policies of lax enforcement at the southern border and is making some pretty damning accusations in the process.

Louderback essentially accused the Biden administration of being “a party to” human trafficking and sexual abuse among illegal migrants at the border, per a recent interview with Fox News.

The former sheriff also expressed his strong objection to the impending end of the pandemic-related Title 42 public health order that allowed for the immediate expulsion of most migrants who illegally cross the border, a move he claimed would “empower” Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers and add to the “chaos” that already reigns in the border region.

Ending Title 42 will only create more “chaos” at the southern border

“Law enforcement in all the border states have been very concerned over the loss of Title 42 and what that means on top of the chaos that the Biden administration has caused since January 2021,” Louderback said. “When you take away Title 42, then you’ve multiplied every problem that you created in the first place. And so law enforcement is very concerned about the Title 42 issue.”

According to CBS News, Title 42 had initially been imposed under former President Donald Trump in March 2020 as a means to guard against “mass uncontrolled cross-border movement” during an ongoing public health emergency.

Title 42 is basically the only remaining Trump-era border control policy still in effect under the Biden administration, but it is set to be ended on May 23 and it is widely anticipated that a substantial surge in the already high number of migrants seeking illegal entry into the country will be the immediate result of that decision.

Biden admin “a party to” human trafficking and sexual abuse of migrants

“It’s horrific that our own government would human traffic into the United States and be a party to the sexual abuse. The human trafficking part of this [is] especially horrific,” Louderback told Fox News in reference to the increasingly common criminal problems witnessed at the southern border.

“It’s something that the U.S. government is actually participating in that, and is a party to that,” he added. “We’ve never done that before. This administration and the lawlessness that they represent is hard to believe, and yet here is happening, and it’s been going on for over a year in the United States.”

Those are some pretty bold assertions that will undoubtedly be challenged by the Biden administration, but they may not be that far off the mark.

Biden’s “welcome mat” for illegal migrants encourages and supports human trafficking and sexual abuse

A recent op-ed for the New York Post laid out all of the seemingly insane “welcome mat” policies that the Biden administration has implemented over the past year that only serve to encourage additional migration, legal or otherwise, into the country.

That includes, all at taxpayer expense, things like providing hotel accommodations and cross-country transport to newly arrived migrants, as well as now even paid-for smartphones from the government and debit cards from taxpayer-funded nonprofit groups.

Yet, as has long been understood by those who pay attention, many of those newly arrived migrants were escorted to the U.S. by human trafficking “coyotes” and many of the women and children suffer sexual abuse along the dangerous journey — all of which is being supported and encouraged by President Biden’s administration.

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