Op-ed: Shepard Smith’s influence likely to linger at Fox News

The news of Shepard Smith’s departure from Fox News was music to the ears of most conservatives, but there is likely still plenty of the former anchor’s influence left behind.

Smith’s anti-conservative agenda will continue to rear it’s head due to the presence of several anti-Trumpers still at the network, most notably in Judge Andrew Napolitano and Chris Wallace, Salon’s Alex Henderson predicted in an op-ed.

Finally Gone

The day Shepard Smith announced his departure from Fox News was like Christmas in October for conservatives.

It was not the fact Smith was a liberal that irked everyone; it was just that he pretended to be a straight news anchor when all he did was force his liberal ideology on viewers.

Even with Smith gone, though, there are plenty of anti-Trumpers remaining who will continue to spew rhetoric against this president.

The Anti-Trumpers

Leading the way against Trump is senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano. While the former judge used to support Trump, it has been rumored that the president’s failure to nominate him to the Supreme Court caused him to change his view.

According to Trump, Napolitano was hoping to get the nod for the high court, and when that did not happen, his criticism of the administration ramped up considerably.

When Trump tagged his Doral resort as the site of the next G7 summit, Napolitano jumped all over it as an Emoluments Clause violation, even though Trump offered to have the meeting at his property free of charge.

Next up would be Chris Wallace, who looks to take a shot at Trump at every opportunity. For a liberal, Wallace used to be very fair, but that all changed when Trump won the presidency.

When Wallace interviewed Hillary Clinton, he was literally gushing during the interview. Put a Trump administration official in front of him, and he turns into a rabid attack dog.

These are not the only two, either, as people like Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, and Lisa Kennedy Montgomery will continue to push the anti-Trump narrative on the network going forward.

Smith may be gone, but the poison he spewed will live on through his liberal colleagues.

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