Fox News’ Shepard Smith grossly mischaracterizes results of Mueller report

It’s time for Fox News anchor Shepard Smith to lose his press pass. He’s clearly quit being a fair journalist — instead, he’s just flat-out using his position as an anchor to blatantly attack President Donald Trump.

After Robert Mueller’s report came out on Thursday, Smith proved this point by stating: “The bottom line on today’s document—according to the document, not the attorney general—is this: Robert Mueller reports he could not exonerate President Trump.”

All in the Wording

Smith’s attack during his time at the anchor desk was shameful.

He does not have an opinion show like Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham.

Smith is supposed to report the news without bias, something he has proven to be completely incapable of doing.

The Mueller report obviously had some things in it that are less than flattering for Trump.

However, in the end, Mueller could not find Trump guilty of any wrongdoing.

Instead of saying that, however, Smith made it sound as though Mueller had the gallows in place and he just needed the attorney general to pull the handle to drop the floor out from underneath the president.

The Bottom Line

In reality, the Mueller report completely exonerated Trump from any wrongdoing regarding collusion.

And while Mueller didn’t make a call on obstruction of justice charges, his report painted a picture of a sitting president who was frustrated by an investigation he knew was both taking too long and hampering the progress of his administration.

One of the key moves made by Trump that was investigated by Mueller’s team, the firing of FBI head James Comey, has been further investigated by the inspector general, who, like Trump, found that Comey was negligent of his duties and insubordinate.

In other words, Comey’s firing was justified. Period.

Mueller didn’t make a ruling on obstruction, but he laid out the facts and allowed the attorney general to make that call. And Barr did, saying Trump did not obstruct justice.

Still, Smith and his fellow bleeding heart liberals are now using all the tools at their disposal to keep alive this theory that Trump did something wrong.

Smith has never been willing to report the news without liberal sarcasm, but now he has gone too far.

The time has come for Smith to either leave the anchor desk to run an opinion show or to be fired. He cannot be allowed to continue to spew this partisan liberal nonsense and pretend to be reporting the news any longer.

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