Shepard Smith defends far-left ‘squad’ in wake of controversial Trump tweets

After having received more than his fair share of critical abuse and watching them routinely denigrate America and its people, President Donald Trump took on the progressive “squad” led by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a series of controversial tweets that the left unsurprisingly labeled as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who barely needs an excuse to express his deep dislike for the president, took advantage of the ‘squad’s’ subsequent expressions of outrage to rip into Trump along the same lines at the start of his midday program on Monday.

Shep unloads

Smith wasted no time in defending the “squad” — Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, and Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts — from the Bad Orange Man who tweeted mean things about them.

“Our reporting begins this Monday with President Trump’s latest and misleading xenophobic eruption of distraction and division,” Smith said, “directed this time at a group of minority women in the United States Congress.” He continued, “‘Go back to where you came from.’ That is what the president wrote on Twitter just yesterday, and today he called them ‘haters’ of America and Jews. The president defending those statements, and when asked if he thought the tweets might be ‘racist,’ his response, ‘not at all.'”

Watch below:

Racing to their defense

Smith proceeded to engage in a dramatic reading of Trump’s three-tweet thread on Sunday that didn’t name any names but was obviously targeted toward the “squad,” and noted, “All four women are American citizens. Only Rep. Omar was born outside the United States.”

He pointed out that Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was critical of Trump’s tweets and suggested the president “aim higher,” even as he called the four congresswomen “communists.”

Smith also noted that Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume called Trump’s remarks “nativist, xenophobic, counterfactual, and politically stupid.

Smith said that Trump had flipped the script on the “squad” by calling them out for their own “foul language” against him — an undeniable truth, despite Smith’s dismissive chuckling — and by demanding an apology from them.

The Fox host added that Democrats, especially members of  the “squad” themselves, were also highly critical of the tweets — no suprise there — and that Speaker Pelosi called for for a resolution specifically condemning them, as if Congress doesn’t have a lengthy list of better things to do.

Trump’s critique justified

Shephard Smith long ago abandoned any pretense of being objective and unbiased when it comes to his coverage of a president that he utterly despises, and this latest rant against Trump is really nothing new nor is it even his worst diatribe in defense of the indefensible left.

One can quibble about the manner in which Trump uses social media and whether it is “presidential” or not, but he has a right to say what he wants.

Millions of supporters appreciate the president’s frank manner in pushing back against those who demonize him and heap scorn on this country, as the “squad” has persistently done for the past six months.

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