Shepard Smith calls out 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren for ‘cultural appropriation’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) may have the shortest run of the 2020 presidential campaign.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that Warren had claimed herself to be a Native American on her Texas State Bar application. In response, Fox News’ uber-liberal Shepard Smith accused her of “cultural appropriation” and wondered aloud how voters will react to it.

Faking It

For those unfamiliar with the term, leftists have defined cultural appropriation as the inappropriate adoption of cultural garb, speech, and other customs that are typically associated with a culture other than your own.

Celebrities face allegations of cultural appropriation often. For instance, pop star Ariana Grande recently got a tattoo with Japanese symbols that were meant to read “7 rings,” a nod to her most recent Top 40 hit.

But apparently, the text didn’t read as intended, and fans soon after ripped her for “pretending” to be Japanese.

The case against Warren runs much deeper than a simple tattoo, though.

Making It

Warren’s supporters have already come out to say that the now-senator in no way benefitted from this claim — she only did it for statistical purposes.

But how many opportunities did Warren have to appropriate minority status? Did she earn her spot at Harvard University because of her minority status?

These may be just “stats” to Warren’s supporters, but those stats no doubt influenced the opportunities given to her throughout her career. Will Americans really be able to forgive that?

Chances are, Warren’s bid to become president will be derailed over this — but not just because she checked the wrong box (several times) many years ago. Warren continued to live this lie actively right up until about a month ago when the DNA tests came back showing that she had a long lost Native American ancestor, at best.

Combine all those factors, and it is unlikely we will see Warren on the dais to debate Donald Trump in 2020.

But who knows? The Dems have been known to prop up worse candidates.

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