Fox’s Shepard Smith attempts to ‘fact-check’ Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office address

There was much debate among the mainstream media earlier this week over whether to even air President Donald Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office address on border security, and though all of the broadcast and cable news networks — who operate under the assumption that Trump is always lying — ended up doing so, they also immediately set about “fact-checking” his remarks as soon as they were complete.

Chief among the instant fact-checkers was Fox News’ own in-house Trump-hater, Shepard Smith — joined by only slightly less vehement Trump-hater Chris Wallace — who seemed mentally distraught as he picked through Trump’s speech and ticked off a litany of remarks with which he took issue.

Shep’s “fact-checks”

“He made a number of claims there, speaking specifically about murder rates among those who are undocumented immigrants,” Smith began. “Government statistics show that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population.”

(Never mind that the number of crimes by undocumented immigrants could be zero if our border security was more effective.)

“[Trump] called it a crisis of the heart and soul,” Smith continued, “he talked about drug crossings over the border, but government statistics show that much of the heroin actually comes not over the unguarded border, but through ports of call.”

He went on: “He talked about undocumented crossings over the past months. In fact, the number of undocumented crossings over the southern border has been steadily down over the past ten years, and the government reports there is more outward traffic than inward traffic.”

With regard to “the trade deal he mentioned with Mexico,” Smith again wasn’t happy about Trump’s comments.

“That trade deal is not yet complete,” he said, “and the president said that law enforcement professionals had requested the $5.7 billion — it is he who requested it, and it is he who said he would own the shutdown.”

Wallace joins in

Smith then asked Wallace if Trump had “made the case” on border security sufficiently to placate his base.

Wallace took that as his opportunity to pick apart the president’s speech as well, even throwing in a Godfather joke by suggesting that instead of making an offer his rivals couldn’t refuse, Trump had made an offer that Democrats couldn’t accept.

Wallace also blamed the continued government shutdown on Trump and Republicans, and though Wallace agreed that there is indeed a “crisis” at the border, he nevertheless concluded that Trump’s proposals on a border wall are the wrong way to handle the crisis.

Shep Smith was quick to pounce on a number of things in Trump’s speech with which he took issue, but if you go back and listen to the speech again and compare it to Smith’s “fact-checks,” you’ll find that Smith was quibbling over nothing of actual substance, and was instead attacking thinly-related non-sequitur strawman arguments while playing semantic games with the president’s words.

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Much like the rest of the liberal media, Shepard Smith utterly despises President Trump, and that hatred boiled over and showed through in his snarky effort to try and pick apart a rather well-delivered and fact-based speech on Tuesday night.

Maybe it’s time that Fox viewers demand Smith’s ouster from the network — just as they did Wallace earlier this week after a heated interview he hosted with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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