Fox News’ Shep Smith slams Trump after Mueller statement

If you think Trump supporters wanted Shepard Smith off the air on Fox before, get ready for those cries to become much louder. Smith has continually infuriated viewers with his anti-Trump rhetoric, and it’s about to backfire in a major way.

After former Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his statement on Wednesday, Smith claimed, “He directly contradicted what we’ve heard from the White House.”

He further stated, “The special counsel stated clearly that his findings do not exonerate the president.”

The Liberal Twist

Watching Shep Smith on Fox News has become almost unbearable. It is as though CNN has infiltrated the network while he sits at the anchor desk.

Like the Democrats, Smith is twisting the Mueller statement to suit his own agenda.

Smith is latching onto very specific parts of the statement to make a case that impeaching Trump is the only sensible thing to do right now.

The bottom line, though, is that Mueller did not bring charges or have enough evidence to make a case, so this case should be closed.

Fans Outraged

Smith has already been on the hitlist for Trump supporters, but now it is much worse. The words had no sooner come out of Smith’s mouth when Trump supporters took to social media to attack Smith for his comments.

Quite frankly, it is rather amazing anyone still watches the network during his timeslot. Smith is always snarky when reporting on Trump, but Wednesday was much different.

He had this smile on this face as if to say, “I told you so.”

People do not tune into national news broadcasts to hear opinions, they want the facts, something Smith has proven incapable of providing without liberal commentary.

The time has come for Fox to do what is right and take Smith off the air.

If they do not make a decision to do so soon, the network may find itself fighting with CNN over viewers rather than sitting atop the ratings.

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