Fox News Shepard Smith gets emotional on-air while discussing immigration crisis

Not one to miss out on a good story, Shep Smith queued up the tears this week to batter President Donald Trump with over the most recent horror at the border.

Smith was among the many liberals and Democrats blaming Trump for the death of a young immigrant and his toddler daughter, coming to the point of tears while railing against the administration.

Railing Against Trump

Smith used every second of his air time on Wednesday to make a better case for deregulating the border. While he was in the process of getting emotional, he used the quote at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty to rail against Trump.

“If your heart is in the right place and your idea is in the right place and you want to come be a part of this grand experiment, we want you here,” Smith said. “When did we change that, and how do we get the previous back?”

After his speech to tap into our emotions, Smith went on to criticize the Trump administration for allowing this to happen. He demanded change so America could get back to its roots of being an open country.

Now for the Truth…

The problem with what Smith and liberals are saying is that while this is a tragic story, the fault does not lie with Donald Trump.

What is even more outrageous is the story of that father and daughter is not an uncommon one and has not been for decades.

Hundreds of migrants died making that same journey during the Obama administration, yet they were never mentioned in the mainstream media.

For instance, in 2014, a mass gravesite was found in Texas that held the remains of hundreds of illegal immigrants. A Google search for “Texas immigrant grave” reveals that the only major network to cover it was Fox News.

Nobody here is denying these deaths are tragic, but we will say this…

Simply being poor is not a reason to grant asylum. Having been turned down for asylum is not an invitation to break the law to come into this country. The death of this man is tragic and horrifying to see, but the fault of that death is not on Donald Trump.

No, the fault of that death lies with the Democrats who sell false hope with their efforts of trying to legalize illegal immigration. Without deterrents, they welcome individuals taking extreme risk to get here. Now the death of that young man and his infant daughter is on their hands.

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