Shep Smith and Tucker Carlson feud over Trump Ukraine call

For two days last week, two major Fox News hosts battled over the legalities of President Donald Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s new president.

During the multi-day feud, Shep Smith made it clear that he has completely quit trying to portray himself as an impartial news anchor through his decision to repeatedly attack Trump instead of presenting the facts.

On one side, there was Shep Smith, who brought in guests to say what Trump did was illegal. On the other side, there was Tucker Carlson, defending Trump and claiming this was all just another attack by Democrats to remove Trump from the White House.

Opposing Viewpoints

Shep Smith is not a fan of President Trump — this is not exactly groundbreaking news. The “anchor” takes shots at Trump at every opportunity.

Like most liberals, Smith believes that Trump abused his power with his call to the Ukrainian president. To back up his point, he brought in legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano — who has been after Trump for months.

Napolitano, a once-respected legal voice, claimed Trump’s actions were definitely impeachable. After Napolitano appeared on Smith’s show, Carlson rebutted the argument by bringing his own legal expert, Joseph diGenova.

After diGenova called Napolitano a “fool” for his comments, Smith had Napolitano back to argue his point once again, blasting diGenova for his “partisan” opinion. Smith also called diGenova “repugnant” for his comments about the judge.

Who Is Right?

While these two go back and forth, Americans want to know who is actually right in this case and if Trump is in real danger of being impeached.

The problem — and where the entire situation gets very messy — is the fact that Joe Biden is running for president in 2020.

If Biden were not running, there would be no issue at all with Trump asking Ukraine’s president to look into a possible political scandal. The issue of quid pro quo is moot, as that was never mentioned, as the call transcript shows.

The question that has to be answered is whether the president of the United States is supposed to look past possible corruption simply because the alleged culprit is running for high political office.

A sane person would say that the allegations deserve a thorough investigation. Unfortunately, we do not live in a particular sane world right now, and sadly, the current president could end up being impeached for the crimes of a former VP.

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