Shep Smith attacks Trump over immigration proposal

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is supposed to cover the news, but his time on screen sounds more like a liberal opinion show than anything else.

That was made quite clear when Smith railed against Trump over proposing that illegal immigrants should be sent to sanctuary cities, since the Democrats refuse to help secure the border.

The Proposal

According to reports, someone in the administration proposed sending illegal immigrants released by ICE to known sanctuary cities.

The proposal was discussed and shot down by administration officials, but it gained new life after the story broke and Democrats lost their minds over it.

On Friday, Trump sent the entire liberal world into an uproar when he tweeted out the proposal was still very much alive.

Trump continued to taunt Democrats all day on Friday via Twitter and the media over the policy.

Now the Law Matters

Shep Smith was among the liberals in the media that voiced disapproval of the policy.

He started his segment stating, “It’s 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. I’m Shepard Smith and the answer to the question is, what the President is talking about is, in fact, illegal.”

Realistically, even though most conservatives would love to see this happen, it won’t. Even if Trump did put the proposal into action, it would end up in front of the 9th Circuit Court, which history has proven to be anti-Trump.

That is not really the point, though.

The point is that Smith is suddenly worried about the law when he is, in fact, defending criminals. Everyone seems to forget that the term illegal immigrant is used for a reason. They are people who are breaking the law by entering.

Smith’s adoption of this narrative simply proves he is not worthy of the anchor desk and should be removed immediately by Fox News.

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