'She slaps the [bleep] out of this lady': Berserk woman goes on puppy attack

 February 21, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Video from New York City has emerged showing a woman going on a bizarre rampage inside a pet store, where she is seen kicking puppy kennels before slapping another woman for no apparent reason.

The incident took place Saturday afternoon at Citipups, as police continued their hunt for the suspect who left a Texas woman bloodied.

The woman was reportedly warned to stop kicking the puppy kennels, and then a video captured by store manager Emilio Ortiz shows her walking toward the exit before smacking the tourist's face. She also appeared to spit in the direction of the assaulted victim.

"As she's walking out, she slaps the sh** out of this lady," Ortiz told the New York Post.

"Like, she slaps her freaking hard."

Regarding the victim, Ortiz said: "She was bleeding, she had a nosebleed, she was like really distraught because it was her first time in New York."

"So she was a tourist, and it's, like, imagine being your first day in New York, you're just walking around, and all of a sudden some crazy person just assaults you."

Ortiz characterized the attack as "totally unprovoked."

"Her friend was there, too, and her friend called her husband, who's a cop in Texas, and I was kind of like tongue-in-cheek saying to her even if they arrest this lady, they're probably going to let her go tomorrow. This is the way New York has been operating right now," Ortiz told the Post about New York's lax bail laws.

"And they were kind of like, 'Oh hell no. In Texas, we don’t let people get away with that.' And I was like, 'Well, welcome to New York.'"

He surmised the assailant had "some sort of manic episode or something."

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