Video: Baltimore resident heckles ‘hustler’ Al Sharpton

While the media would have you believe that political activist Al Sharpton’s visit to Baltimore was all strawberries and whipped cream, that was hardly the case.

During Al Sharpton’s speech, he got exactly what he deserved when several citizens demanded Sharpton leave, with one man calling Sharpton a “hustler” as he was walking inside the building.

Sharpton in Baltimore

Al Sharpton traveled to Baltimore shortly after President Trump called out Rep. Elijah Cummings for failing the local community.

Sharpton was trying to feed the racist narrative rather than holding Cummings accountable for his lack of action during his decades in office.

Several community members were not buying into the lie, clearly wanting answers for how their elected officials have let local citizens down time and time again.

One man in the back of the gathering told Sharpton, “You go back to New York.” Another man stated, “Our schools are failing us. Where are you when our schools are failing us? You’re just a hustler.”

Facts are Facts

While everyone was racing to defend Cummings, nobody was actually looking at the facts. Cummings has been in office for more than two decades.

During that time, his district has received tens of millions of dollars from the federal government. During that time, Baltimore’s neighborhoods have been crime-ridden and in major decline.

Additionally, more and more homes have been abandoned, eventually becoming havens for drug dealers, drug users, prostitution, and vermin.

If you have ever watched the TV show The Wire, you have seen an authentic look at the problems Baltimore faces, and that show ended production in 2008. Since then, the city has only gotten worse.

None of that matters to people like Al Sharpton, though, who are only there to further perpetuate a fraud and pull the wool over the community’s eyes in an effort to paint Trump as a racist.

Thankfully, some residents are finally starting to see through the charade and demanding accountability from people like Rep. Cummings.

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