Al Sharpton admits that Democrats are too focused on impeachment

There was a time when Reverend Al Sharpton actually liked Donald Trump, but that was long before Trump decided to run for president as a Republican.

Sharpton is now among the loudest voices accusing Trump of myriad crimes, but even the noted political activist has confessed that he’s worried that Trump has a real chance of winning again. 

Hitting the panic button

Sharpton appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, and the warning that Sharpton gave during the interview gives important insight into the dire straits the Democrat party is in due to the relentless push for impeachment.

Sharpton stated that for many people, this election is going to be about “me, my house, food on my table, my kids’ tuition.”

He would go on to say that Democrat voters are “really trying to deal with kitchen-table issues. That’s what we’ve got to address, particularly while you have a president that’s bragging about the economy.”

Sharpton also warned that the focus on impeachment could turn into “nerd politics” to the detriment of the Democrat cause.

With this admission, Sharpton is — in a roundabout way — saying that Americans are benefitting under the economy that has been promoted by this White House. For that reason, their lives are better, so they are struggling with voting along the party line or voting for Trump.

So, think about that: Sharpton does not want people to be happy because they are all doing better and he wants them to put someone in office that will not promote individual Americans doing better.

Dems are uncomfortable

The fact the economy is doing so well is a huge plus for Trump on the campaign trail, and Democrats know this. When push comes to shove, Trump can always fall back on his economic record to muster up support.

Everyone remembers how much Americans were struggling under Obama, although the memory of the “great recession” is quickly fading in the face of unprecedented prosperity.

For that reason, Sharpton stated, “Right now, we cannot say with any comfort that Donald Trump would not be reelected. That should make us uncomfortable.”

Yes, Mr. Sharpton, it should make you uncomfortable because what Trump is doing is what all presidents are supposed to do: Making life better for all Americans.

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