Ben Shapiro explains why he will vote for Trump in 2020 after he opposed him in 2016

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus of the conservative news outlet The Daily Wire, was highly critical of then-candidate Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee in 2016 and admittedly did not cast a vote for the Republican candidate.

Much has changed since then, and Shapiro has now put out a video explaining why, after not voting for Trump the first time, he will be voting for the president’s reelection in 2020, The Daily Caller reported.

Shapiro gives three reasons

In the nearly nine-minute video posted to Twitter, Shapiro cited three reasons why he supports Trump in the 2020 election:

“First, I was simply wrong about Trump on policy,” Shapiro said. “Second, I wasn’t really wrong about Donald Trump on character, but whatever damage he was gonna do has already been done, and it’s not gonna help if I don’t vote for him this time. And third, most importantly, the Democrats have lost their f***ing minds.”

“The most conservative president of my lifetime”

On the point of policy, Shapiro acknowledged that Trump has governed far more conservatively than he had predicted, even noting that Trump is “the most conservative president of my lifetime on policy.”

Shapiro proceeded to list a number of conservative policy actions taken by the president, such as deregulation and tax cuts, the originalist/textualist judges he has appointed to federal courts, economy-boosting low unemployment and rising wages, his pro-life stance, his pro-Israel actions, his virtual defeat of radical Islamic terrorism, his America First foreign policies, and the fact that Trump was “the first person in my lifetime not to start any new wars, which is kind of a big thing.”

The conservative podcast host also highlighted Trump’s toughness on China, his resistance to exerting too much executive power during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his respect for due process. He did, however, still express his critiques of Trump’s high levels of spending and “zero-sum” trade outlook, but noted that Trump was far from the only Republican to fall short of conservative ideals in those areas.

Flaws outweighed by awful Democrat policies

As for the question of Trump’s character, which was a big sticking point for Shapiro in 2016, he acknowledged that his fears regarding the president’s ill behavior and the potential damage it could do to the Republican Party had been realized. That said, he said that not voting for Trump now wouldn’t change any of that, and regardless, his behavior was already “baked into the cake” for the vast majority of voters.

As such, Shapiro noted that he would continue to call “balls and strikes” on the president, as he has done these past four years, criticizing his unpresidential commentary and tweets when necessary and praising his actions or sharp rhetoric when warranted, such as in response to the incessant lies from Democrats and their allies in the media.

Speaking of the Democrats, Shapiro reiterated that the party has “lost their f***ing minds,” and again rattled off a long list of radical policy positions embraced by the party that he summed up this way: “The simple mandate for the Democrats is this: They now believe in cramming down their perspective on everyone they can via any force they can control.”

“So, here’s the deal, I’m voting for Trump,” Shapiro concluded. “You don’t have to love Trump’s character, you don’t have to like his Twitter account to vote for him. You don’t have to approve of the crazy or bad things he says, or the way he often acts. But if you care about the Constitution, and economic freedom, and the security of the United States, you really don’t have a hell of a lot of choice.”

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