White supremacist blamed Ben Shapiro and Fox News for radicalization

The man who painted swastikas on an Indiana synagogue has come up with one of the more interesting defenses we have seen yet.

Nolan Brewer’s legal team has launched a deadly character assassination attempt against Fox News and Ben Shapiro, accusing them of radicalizing their client and filling his head with thoughts of white supremacy.


Brewer claims this all started because his wife watched Fox News. Viewing the network, she turned into a far-right advocate. Fox News led his wife to Ben Shapiro, who happens to be an Orthodox Jew.

From there, she found Breitbart News, which eventually led her to an anti-Semitic website called “Stormfront.”

As his wife became more energized about the movement, Brewer found himself becoming energized as well, ultimately leading to the defacing of the synagogue.

Because it is everyone else’s fault, Brewer’s attorneys asked the judge to give him probation and community service. Thankfully, the judge did not buy the defense.


News obviously travels fast when you are being accused of promoting anti-Semitic websites and activity, especially when you happen to be Jewish.

Ben Shapiro did not take long to blast this defense right out of the water. Brewer’s defense is bogus, to say the least, but there were more than a few people attacking Shapiro on Twitter for actually being the guilty party here.

The liberal media immediately picked up the story and ran with it. They began cherry-picking quotes from Shapiro to make it appear as though he really was responsible for the actions of this man.

If that is the case, get ready to lock up every producer, director, and actor in Hollywood for the violence in this country. The claim is obviously without any real basis in fact, because this man did what he did of his own accord.

Now, he is trying to get out of paying the penalty for his crimes by blaming it on conservative speakers and outlets (to be clear, Stormfront is NOT a conservative outlet, it is a despicable and racist website that should be knocked off the internet).

The only solace in this entire debacle is the fact the judge saw through the charade and discounted this idiotic defense immediately.

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