Ben Shapiro proposes conservative alternative children’s programming to counter ‘woke’ Disney

There is an increasingly apt assertion among many on the right that when major corporations embrace leftist progressivism and go “woke” those same corporations seemingly end up going “broke” due to the backlash from normal non-leftist American consumers.

That may soon be the case for Disney, which adopted a leftist stance against Florida educational legislation under pressure from activists and will now face some competition from conservative media outlet The Daily Wire, the Washington Examiner reported.

Such was the assertion of Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, as the conservative pundit announced on his podcast last week that his organization would soon begin to develop and produce family-friendly programming geared towards children that would be bereft of “woke” leftist indoctrination.

Conservative alternative to woke leftist nonsense

“Disney is a company meant to derive pleasure for children,” Shapiro said last week on his eponymous show, according to TheWrap. “When Disney gets political, when Disney decides that they will be renormalized by the radical trans activists inside the company, they will lose business and they should lose business.”

He proceeded to assert that Disney’s top executives were afraid of or beholden to LGBT activists, especially of the transgender variety, and proclaimed those executives to be “cowards” for kneeling before the whims of the activist mob.

“America’s biggest corporations are being held hostage by the woke because they are cowards,” Shapiro said, according to Mediaite. “They are absolute cowards!”

“Disney is a company that is meant to derive pleasure for children, that is what it is for,” Shapiro insisted. “It is a company — their entire net worth basically was built on the idea that they were going to give you a safe place to let your children be entertained.”

“By the way, if you want entertainment that’s going to cater to your children,” he added, “we’re going to start making kids content over here at Daily Wire specifically. So you don’t have to be catered to by companies who hate your guts and cater to the people who despise your values.”

Disney wades into Florida political fight

The Examiner noted that Shapiro’s call to compete with Disney followed that corporation’s decision to publicly express outraged opposition to legislation in Florida that protects parental rights and bars schools from discussing sex or gender issues with young schoolchildren from pre-kindergarten to third grade.

Leftist activists have inexplicably and fraudulently attacked that measure as a so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill — the legislation never once says anything remotely resembling that — and Disney was ultimately pressured by the activist mob to adopt that insanely inaccurate stance in a public manner.

Some Disney employees have protested or staged walkouts over the Florida bill but the Examiner noted that other employees have also spoken out against the company itself for wading into politics and choosing a side instead of remaining apolitical and neutral.

It remains to be seen if Shapiro follows through on his announcement and starts producing non-woke children’s content for The Daily Wire, as well as if Disney will realize the error of its ways and back off from the culturally divisive and highly partisan stance it has adopted that will alienate a substantial portion of its current and potential customers.

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