Stormy Daniels’ Attorney on Trump Sex Tape Possibility: ‘Stay Tuned’

If everyone thought the Stormy Daniels saga was going to be over after the Sunday night interview, they were wrong.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, started hinting around there might be a sex tape coming out very soon.

When pressed as to whether any “X-rated” material would be coming out soon, Avenatti stated, “Stay tuned.”

Getting Tactical

According to Avenatti, he and Daniels are playing “three-dimensional chess.”

He more or less issued a threat to the Trump camp, hinting they are “strategically” releasing information to counter moves made the President and his team.

The Tweet That Started It All

The mention of a sex tape blew up the Internet last week when Avenatti sent out a somewhat cryptic tweet…

While he did not reveal a lot of detail in that tweet, the implication is quite clear.

The question everyone wants answered, though, is if this is a bluff or there really is video proof of the alleged affair.

President Trump has denied the affair from the outset. True or not, we know the goal here.

Liberals just want to come up with any excuse they can for impeachment. They weren’t interested in impeaching Bill Clinton after he had an affair – and then lied about it under oath!


There are basically two ways this is going to turn out.

The first option would be Stormy Daniels actually providing proof of this alleged affair with a picture or video.

The second would be Daniels staring down the nose at a massive lawsuit.

In fact, Trump’s attorney have already slapped her with a $20 million lawsuit for violating her non-disclosure agreement.

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Daniels has stated that she is willing to pay back the $130,000 she was allegedly paid for the agreement, but that is not how non-disclosure agreements work.

Sadly, it would appear as though this saga is going to get much worse and much more disgusting before it disappears.

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