Seven dead, including three children, in tragic small plane crash in Ontario

An overcrowded private plane went down on Wednesday, killing everyone aboard.

The pilot and his family, including three children, and a newlywed couple, were killed when their small, 6-passenger plane went down in Ontario, Canada, the Daily Mail reports.

Tragic Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week often presents itself as a way to grab a mini-vacation. A lot of people are out of work early on Wednesday, then have the rest of the weekend off.

For the Oblokulov and Nabiev families, though, that extra time off cost them their lives.

Otabek Oblokulov, his wife, their three children, and Bobomurod Nabiev and his wife were all flying to Ontario for a long three-day weekend.

The pilot, Oblokulov, was flying a Piper PA-32 and even though there were only six seats on the plane, he apparently thought it would be safe to fly seven passengers.

The plane departed from Buttonville Municipal Airport in Markam, Ontario, but it never made it to its planned destination of Quebec City.

Change of course

According to reports, Oblokulov changed the flight plan midflight and suddenly headed towards Kingston Airport.

At this time, we can only assume the plane was having problems and the pilot decided to alter his course in an effort land as quickly as possible. While there was some brief communication between the pilot and Kingston Airport officials, the plane suddenly broke communications.

When the plane failed to arrive, it was reported missing, only to be found about four miles away from the airport, having crashed into a wooded area.

This was reportedly the first time the pilot had ever flown a plane over Canada even though he has had his pilot’s license for more than a year and his friends that were flying with him were residents of Canada.

Oblokulov and his family hailed from Missouri City, Texas.

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