Seth Meyers jokes about Megyn Kelly in surprising performance

NBC’s Late Night star Seth Myers, who calls himself a comedian, recently humiliated Megyn Kelly – in public.

Said Meyers about his own network, “You know a network has some range when they have a black Jesus AND Megyn Kelly.” Setting Seth Meyers’ casual racism about both blacks and whites aside, his insinuation that Megyn Kelly is too white for NBC just goes to show that she made a tragic mistake when she abandoned her base audience at Fox News and began attacking then-candidate Donald J. Trump.

Megyn Kelly thought her new liberal friends would watch her show, but instead they’re insulting her for the color of her skin. This just proves that you never make friends of your enemies by making enemies of your friends.

Myers’ insult that Megyn Kelly is ‘too white’, which at NBC is the worst insult in the history of insults, is second only to being accused of being a conservative Trump supporter.

That’s the actual unforgivable sin at NBC. But I digress.

It was a terribly lame joke, and Myers isn’t even remotely funny. But the real story is the humiliation it causes Ms. Kelly. Her ratings are in the tank and her show is on the verge of being cancelled.

NBC executives have been leaking information about it to various publications, recently admitting that they overpaid her dramatically.

At this point, Ms. Kelly has to be asking herself why she ever went after Donald Trump, and why she left Fox News? Even after questioning him a lot during the first debate, she could have recovered. After all, a lot of us wanted to hear the answer to Ms. Kelly’s question. It’s not EVER okay to mistreat women.

But Kelly obsessed with Trump all year, making it obvious for the rest of the campaign just where she stood. That is not what journalists are supposed to do. They should report the news fairly.

Quick tip to Ms. Kelly: when you’re on Fox News, you don’t go all looney-leftist. You just can ask tough questions, and we expect you to, but don’t forget who your audience is!

Landing at NBC was supposed to be a great victory for her, but it turned out to be a disaster. Now that NBC’s top brass know how badly they’re overpaying her, it’s just a matter of time before they end her contract and send her packing.

But this time, she doesn’t have any friends left. She thought she could advance her career by dumping good pro-Trump conservatives. Now that she’s discovered how wrong she was, it’s too late.

This is a good cautionary tale to share with your kids and grandkids. Remember who your friends are. And anytime you think you can better yourself by throwing your friends under the bus… stop, think, and don’t do it.

There’s more to life than a $23 million salary, as Ms. Kelly is now learning – the hard way.

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