Jeff Sessions is considering an investigation into social media companies

The silencing of conservative voices on social media may be about to come to an abrupt end.

According to reports, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is contemplating taking legal action against Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Dropping the Hammer

For more than a year now, conservatives have suspected all the major search engines and social media platforms have been limiting the amount of conservative news being distributed.

That argument took on a new life when President Donald Trump made the very same accusations.

Now, Trump has said he would no longer stand for it, which completely changed the game.

Nothing New

These accusations and investigations are nothing new regarding censorship of conservatives.

Several state attorneys general have already started their own investigations into this matter.

Those same attorneys general are expected to meet with Jeff Sessions to brief him on what they have uncovered so far.

Investors are definitely paying attention, as stock prices for all of these companies experienced a slight dip once the announcement was made.

Break Them Up

It is no secret that Twitter, Facebook, and Google collectively own the online news market.

The algorithms in place decide what news goes out and what news is restricted.

Conservatives have no doubt seen these algorithms at work in the lack of pages they subscribe to coming across their feeds.

Pages that once saw an organic reach of 30-50 percent of their subscribed fans are now seeing reaches of less than three percent across the board.

For that reason, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry wants to outright break up the companies.

“The problem is they’ve got no competition,” Landry said.

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The companies collectively gather mass information about people, which is not necessarily the problem.

The problem lies in how they are using it to literally manipulate people to hear specific messages and guide them toward very specific products.

It’s just unethical.

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