Serious pushback in one state against 'truly Orwellian' profs

July 3, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

New legislation aimed a protecting "intellectual diversity" at state colleges in Ohio – likely heading to the desk of Republican Gov. Mike DeWine – is already having a healthy effect on protecting students' freedom to dissent from leftist nostrums, says a leading conservative education group in the increasingly Republican state.

SB83, the Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act, would require state colleges to adopt and enforce mission statements pledging the institution to declare "that it will educate students by means of free, open, and rigorous intellectual inquiry to seek the truth."

The bill, which has passed the Ohio Senate and will soon be voted on in the GOP-led House, states: "The institution declares it is committed to creating a community dedicated to an ethic of civil and free inquiry, which respects the autonomy of each member, supports individual capacities for growth, and tolerates the differences in opinion that naturally occur in a public higher education community."

The growing sentiment against leftist speech oppression on campuses is partly due to the successful effort by a bold, tech-savvy conservative student at the University of Cincinnati to secure justice despite the efforts of a doctrinaire and seemingly entitled leftist professor who publicly defended punishing her for voicing a common-sense description of real women.

As WND reported, the University of Cincinnati has officially ordered one of its professors to study its campus free speech policy after the Women's Studies instructor gave a "zero" to a student who used the words "biological women" in a paper on men competing in women's sports.

The enterprising student, Olivia Krolczck, turned to TikTok on May 21 to expose her unfair grade punishment two days earlier at the hands of U-C adjunct professor, Melanie Rose Nipper, sending out this video:

Below is a transcript of the short, May 21 video:

I got a zero on a project proposal in my class because I use the term 'biological women,' which is apparently not allowed anymore. She [her professor, Melanie Rose Nipper, yet unnamed] even said it was a good project proposal. Um, but I got a zero because I use this term that's exclusionary and not allowed anymore, so. And I 100% know that this is, like, the most biased grade ever, because my project is about [male-to-female] transgenders competing in biological women's sports. How am I supposed to do my final project if I can't use the word 'biological women'? But that's what my project is about."

Krolczyk intentionally did not name Nipper in her original viral video, but the latter chose to forcefully defend her ideologically motivated grading policy, which only propelled the controversy further into conservative media. The UC student ended up doing interviews with Fox News, Outkick, and others, and filing a formal complaint with the university.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on June 8: "Nipper was informed by the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion that Krolcyek had submitted a Freedom of Speech claim, which is a complaint any student may submit if they believe a faculty member violated the University of Cincinnati's Free Speech policy."

Six days later, following an investigation into the incident, the University of Cincinnati Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies handed down its decision, giving Nipper a "written reprimand" for violating the Campus Free Speech Policy. The U-C memo states: "In your course, WGS 2061-001: Gender in Popular Culture, you gave a student 0/20 points on a class assignment. On May 19, 2023, you provided your feedback on the student’s work. You stated, “[Student name], this is a solid proposal. However, the terms 'biological women' are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity. Please reassess your topic and edit it to focus on women’s rights (not just “females”) and I’ll re-grade.”

"To prevent any further violation of this policy, you must complete training on the requirements of the Campus Free Speech Policy. Through the end of Academic Year 2024/2025, you must submit all syllabi to me at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes for review and approval," the memo states.

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