Senators who condemned Kavanaugh are staying silent on Fairfax accusations

The double standard remains alive and well in the Democrat party.

While openly convicting Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct without a shred of evidence, Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the accusations leveled against Virginia’s Democrat Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

The Hypocrite Oath

It would appear as though to be an elected official for Democrats these days, you must be a complete hypocrite as well.

The #MeToo movement started as a way to take down conservatives, specifically Donald Trump and even more so, Justice Kavanaugh. When the accusations against Kavanaugh were made, those that knew Kavanaugh thought them to be ludicrous.

However, Republicans in office agreed these women needed to be heard. When they were all granted a chance to present their case, not one of them presented a story that could be corroborated in any way.

Furthermore, some of the stories were proven to be flat-out false. Democrats hung their hats on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, stating she was credible, therefore they believed her.

Again, though, she could not produce one actual fact that could back up her allegations. None of that mattered, though, as Democrats wanted Kavanaugh gone.

Fairfax Allegations

While people like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were extremely vocal about Kavanaugh, they are eerily silent when it comes to Fairfax. On the surface, both of the women making allegations are just as, if not more “credible” than the women making allegations against Kavanaugh.

Vanessa Tyson is a college professor, much like Blasey Ford, who says Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him more than a decade ago. Meredith Watson is alleging Fairfax raped her when they were both attending Duke University.

Wilson actually backs up her claim by the fact she told a classmate at that time she had been raped by Fairfax.

When asked about the allegations, most Democrats ran from the camera. Senator Feinstein stated, “I don’t know Justin Fairfax.” Well, she didn’t know Kavanaugh either, but that did not stop her from believing his accusers.

Senator Doug Jones said the two cases were not comparable. Senator Ron Wyden said he never heard of Justin Fairfax until the story broke. Senator Bernie Sanders literally ran away from the camera, refusing to answer any questions at all.

As we stated when Kavanaugh was being accused, every man deserves his day in court when faced with allegations such as this. That being the case, Democrats should be just as adamant about the FBI investigating these accusations as they were about the agency looking into the accusations made against Kavanaugh.

After all, if he is innocent, what do they have to fear, right?

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