Senators demand end of funding for group linked to China’s COVID research

Ever since COVID-19 exploded on the world, killing millions, there have been concerns about where it was created and how it got loose.

Some still have well-founded concerns that it may have been “created,” that it was not a natural occurrence, especially because it erupted in China right near a science lab that was doing experiments including on how to make viruses more lethal.

Chinese officials have not cooperated with investigations that could provide more answers, but it’s known that American tax money has gone into that lab.

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Now a report from Foreign Desk News explains Republican senators are demanding the U.S. Agency for International Development stop giving grants to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit that has been linked to COVID-19 research in China.

In a letter to USAID chief Samantha Power, Sens. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida, they said there is “deep concern” about the millions of dollars she’s giving EcoHealth.

The report noted the senators want time to review issues such as the EcoHealth oversight of research programs, evidence of lab accidents, and more. They pointed out Congress already has approved legislation to stop funding EcoHealth’s “dangerous coronavirus research in China.”

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