Senator suggests Trey Gowdy could be considered for Supreme Court

President Trump is reaching out to numerous senators for their input for a SCOTUS recommendation.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) turned up quite a few ears when he stated, “I’m going to recommend Trey Gowdy to be one of the folks I would have a strong recommendation for his serving on the Supreme Court.”

Gowdy as SCOTUS Justice

This is not the first time someone has floated Gowdy’s name to fill a SCOTUS seat.

After Justice Scalia passed, his name was at the top of quite a few people’s lists.

Gowdy, as you may recall, was also being mentioned for Attorney General.

He took himself out of that race, though, saying he had planned on retiring from public service at the end of this term.

Supreme Court Justice is another matter entirely, though, and it might just be enough to keep Gowdy serving the people.


Representative Gowdy has proven time and again the Constitution comes first.

He leaves little open to interpretation about protecting the sanctity of that document, especially in our justice system.

Gowdy is also one not to let feelings get in the way of his decision making.

Unlike many politicians today, he is not worried about being liked, but more concerned with the proper decision being made or justice being served.

The only criticism Trump may face with Gowdy as a Supreme Court Justice would be that Gowdy has never served as a Judge in his career.

However, he has chaired numerous committees as a congressman, as well as being a prosecutor prior to becoming a congressman, so he is no stranger to the courtroom.

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Trump, at this time, has not hinted if Gowdy is being seriously considered for the seat.

However, he has announced that his decision for the appointment will be made by July 9.

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