Senator reveals bipartisan gun control negotiations are taking place

The New York Post reports that Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has revealed “serious bipartisan negotiations” are currently taking place in the U.S. Senate about gun control. 

These “bipartisan negotiations” follow the recent mass shooting that took place at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. The gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire on the school killing 19 children and two teachers.

Democrats have tried to capitalize on this tragedy by using the emotion generated by it to garner support for gun control measures that they claim would stop such mass shooting events from taking place.

Murphy has been one of the leading Democrats in this effort, giving a speech on the Senate floor shortly after the shooting took place. Murphy insists that federal gun control legislation is the solution.

Murphy’s interview

On Sunday, Murphy appeared on ABC News’ This Week where he revealed that bipartisan gun control negotiations are taking place in the Senate.

There, Murphy said:

I get it. Every single time, after one of these mass shootings, there’s talks in Washington and they never succeed. But there are more Republicans interested in talking about finding a path forward this time than I have ever seen since Sandy Hook. And while, in the end, I may end up being heartbroken, I am at the table in a more significant way right now with Republicans and Democrats than ever before. Certainly, many more Republicans willing to talk right now than were willing to talk after Sandy Hook.

Murphy went on to provide an inside look at what these negotiations look like.

He said:

But what we’re talking about is not insignificant. Inside this room we’re talking about red flag laws, we’re talking about strengthening, expanding the background check system, if not universal background checks. We’re talking about safe storage. And, yes, we’re also talking about mental health resources and more security dollars for schools. A package that really, in the end, could have a significant downward pressure on gun violence in this country and break the logjam.

“Maybe that’s the most important thing we could do is just show that progress is possible and that the sky doesn’t fall for Republicans if they support some of these commonsense measures,” Murphy added.

Same old flawed Dem logic

Many Republicans are arguing that the sort of measures suggested by Murphy would not have stopped the Texas school shooting from taking place.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), for example, has argued:

There are thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit owning or using firearms, laws that have not stopped madmen from carrying out evil acts on innocent people and peaceful communities. In Uvalde, the gunman committed a felony under Texas law before he even pulled the trigger. It’s a felony to possess a firearm on school premises, but that did not stop him. And what he did on campus is capital murder.

Abbott added that “laws didn’t stop the killer.”

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