Senator Kamala Harris freezes on camera when asked about Smollett tweets

When the alleged homophobic and racist attack against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett first hit the news, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was one of many to decry it with inflammatory rhetoric.

Now that Smollett’s report is turning out to be a hoax, Harris got tongue-tied when asked about her tweet, in which she had called it a “modern day lynching.”


To say Harris froze when asked about her tweet is an understatement.

Watch below:

Harris had posted the tweet below virtually as soon as word of the attack got out.

She did this even though its legitimacy had not been verified yet.

This was an opportunity to attack Trump and his supporters by claiming this president has created an “atmosphere of hate” against both minorities and the gay community.

Now that it looks like Smollett orchestrated the entire attack himself, the senator literally had nothing to say at first when asked about her original tweet.

Caught Off Guard

Harris was clearly caught off guard by the question, which is amazing considering how much press this event has gotten. After a nervous laugh and getting a moment to gather her thoughts, Harris said the facts are still rolling in, so she will hold off on saying anything further.

As harsh as she was in her initial comments when she assumed Smollet was the victim a hate crime, it will be interesting to see what she says if Smollett ends up being charged for lying. She and the other members of her party must immediately come out and demand Smollett be held up to justice rather than make excuses for him.

GOP Questions Harris

Republicans are already questioning Harris and insisting the 2020 presidential candidate answer for her rhetoric.

These are the same Democrats that were ready to condemn Brett Kavanaugh over unverified accusations, and the same media that has repeatedly published rumors and anonymous sources to go after Trump. Now they want to wait until all the facts come in before passing judgment.

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