Democrat Senator Hirono took money from Democrat who admitted beating wife

One of the Democrat mouthpieces opposing Kavanaugh just had her world rocked with some investigative reporting.

After digging into Senator Mazie Hirono’s finances, the Free Beacon found Hirono took campaign donations from an elected Democrat who has admitted to domestic abuse.

Do as I Say

Hawaiian Senator Hirono is among the high and mighty that use hateful rhetoric against men to their political advantage.

She blames all men for sexual assaults and is literally saying all men should “just shut up” on the matter.

Hirona has been front and center in wanting Kavanaugh’s vote delayed, if not having him booted altogether.

She recently sent out an email to her supporters on the matter.

Senator Hirono stated, “It’s time to stand up for the victims of sexual assault and harassment.”

But What About…

One cannot help but wonder where all this outrage was when Hirono took a campaign donation from Senator Tom Carper’s PAC.

Carper, back in 1998, readily admitted he was a wife beater.

During the interview with the Free Beacon, he stated, “Did I slap my wife 20 years ago? Yes.”

While knowing Carper is a wife beater, though, Hirono still took his money.

What is even worse than her hypocrisy, though, is the fact she is dodging questions about it.

Hirono was recently asked to respond, but her office declined.

She is the one that said politics should never enter abuse allegations, yet she cannot even bring herself to call out one of her very own donors.

Hirono is not alone, either.

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Another loudmouth regarding this incident is Senator Feinstein, who has also taken money from Carper.

Like we said, when it comes to Dems, it is do as I say, not as I do.

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