Senate support nearly unanimous for Trump judicial nominee: Report

President Donald Trump has been on a roll with his judicial appointments.

On Thursday, the Senate confirmed another one of Trump’s nominees by an overwhelming 82–2 majority, The Connecticut Mirror reports

Senate does its job

Unlike the House, which has been bogged down in the impeachment inquiry for weeks now, the Senate has been hard at work.

The nominee in question, William Nardini, was the assistant attorney for the State of Connecticut. He had bipartisan support from Democrat and Republican senators, and is now the 45th circuit judge appointed by Trump since entering the oval office.

The only dissenting voters, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Ed Markey (D-MA), have not voiced their reasoning for their opposition to Nardini.

These dissents were curious considering the vote was one of the strongest bipartisan decisions concerning a circuit judge appointment.

Major success

As mentioned earlier, Nardini is the 45th circuit judge nominee that the Senate has approved. But to put the rate of success for Trump’s nominees into perspective, a quarter of circuit judges nationwide are now Trump appointees, a virtually unprecedented record, according to The Hill.

Furthermore, outside of the federal circuit, Trump has appointed over 150 federal judges — and that number is climbing steadily.

Trump has a pretty good failsafe in case he loses the election. His legacy will be secure because he will have appointed a large portion of the judiciary across the nation.

This is a major victory for conservatives. Trump understands the importance of appointing good judges who will follow the constitution instead of legislating from the bench.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was the capstone of Trump’s judiciary nominations. He is committed to the Constitution over everything else, and the type of judge that Americans want defending their freedoms.

If Trump can win re-election, he may be able to bump his nominee numbers up. A quarter of circuit judges are his nominees, after 8 years, it could be over half the circuit. Either way, it’s good news for Americans.

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