Senate Republicans issue statement confirming that new Iran deal is dead on arrival

Republicans in the Senate have sent a clear message to President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party that a new deal with Iran will be considered dead on arrival.

Nearly every Republican Senator is on board with a plan to block any attempt by the Biden administration to sign a new deal with Iran. President Biden wants a new deal with Iran as he is desperate to access their oil supply, knowing full well that the skyrocketing fuel prices are going to get Democrats killed in the midterm elections.

Of course, Biden’s plan to get oil from a state that sponsors terrorism is despicable, and Republicans have made that clear.

Biden in a desperate situation

President Biden and the Democrat Party are frantically working to find a new supply of oil to lower fuel prices.

Of course, because of the green agenda embraced by the radical left, President Biden cannot reverse course on crushing the American energy industry.

So instead, President Biden has gone to dictator Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, who is known for respecting human rights. His legitimization of the brutal Maduro regime understandably incited a massive wave of backlash.

With Venezuela no longer an option for the Biden administration, Democrats’ hopes lie in a new deal with Iran.

In a statement issued on Monday, Republican Senators warned the Biden administration that “The administration has thus far refused to commit to submit a new Iran deal to the Senate for ratification as a treaty, as per its constitutional obligation, or for review under statutory requirements that passed on a bipartisan basis in response to the 2015 deal. Additionally, despite earlier promises to the contrary, the administration has failed to adequately consult with Congress.”

President Biden knows that a new deal with Iran will never make it through the Senate, and it appears that he is trying to find a workaround.

Drill baby drill

The real answer to skyrocketing energy costs is simply to remove the restrictions that the Biden administration has put on our energy industry.

It is time to “Drill baby drill,” as gas prices have reached record highs nationwide, crushing economic activity and squeezing Americans just recovering from the pandemic.

Republicans are right to stand up and let the Biden administration know that no terrorist state should be supplying our oil.

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